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Peter Vogel Murder Trial: Attorney says university lecturer could have let in his killer

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 2:46 PM

A defence attorney in the Peter Vogel murder trial has questioned whether the slain university lecturer and his wife would be considered suspects if their live-in helper, Yanika Scott, was found dead at their home.

"I think not," said attorney-at-law Diane Jobson.

Scott and her boyfriend, Kelvin Downer, are on trial for killing the former lecturer at his home in College Commons, St Andrew on July 18, 2007.

Dobson, who is representing Downer, used a popular Jamaican phrase to describe the decision to charge her client with murder.

"'Jackass seh di worl' nuh level,' and its true," she said in her closing argument to the seven-member jury.

Responding to the testimony of the lead police investigator that there was no sign of forced entry at the house, Dobson argued that the university lecturer could have let in his assailants.

"You ever hear about the absent-minded professor. He could have left a door open," she asserted.

"But no, it had to be an inside job. It had to be the butler," she argued.