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For St Elizabeth to grow as a parish, we must …

Published:Tuesday | July 4, 2017 | 12:22 AM
Anthony Freckleton
Derrick Sangster
Errol Leebert
Godfrey Watson

* Derrick Sangster - Mayor of Black River and chairman of St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation        

We must engage all persons, all entities, the business sector, chamber of commerce, professionals and agricultural sector, toward one common cause, putting our energies into it to ensure that as a parish we can develop and progress.


* Errol Leebert - chief executive officer, St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation

As the policy implementing persons, we have been and will continue to, with all staff on board, put all our efforts into implementing the policies that the Corporation requires of us to make this parish a success.


* Pastor Godfrey Watson - chaplain, St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation                   

 All hands have to be on board, and we must all work together for that to happen.


* Anthony Freckleton - chairman, South Coast Resort Board

 “We must get a plan, put a cost to it, and get the PIOJ, IDB, and the World Bank and say ‘this is what we want to do'.