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Vendors blame crime, rain for low Independence sales

Published:Monday | August 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Shoppers were scarce in downtown Kingston yesterday.

The weekend rain and worrying trends in crime are the two main factors vendors attributed to very low sales over the Independence holidays.

Venola, who has been a vendor for some 30 years, said this is one of the worst Independence she has seen, both in terms of sales and crime.

"Me come out from bout 9 o'clock this morning and is just one $300 slippers mi sell. I still give God thanks. I was still able to buy a bag juice and throw it in a bottle with ice. It could have been worse," she told The Gleaner from her downtown Kingston stall, smiling in spite of it all.

"Before the Independence, a did pure war, so nobody not coming by more than so. In previous times when Independence come in, a pure crowd. The crime mash up the country. Jamaica is a nice place but too much things going on."

It was a similar story for another vendor who gave her name as Telise. She said she is hoping that things will improve as parents shop for back-to-school supplies.

"Last week, nutten nuh gwaan. Mi out here from bout 8 o'clock this morning and mi only mek $1,000. Maybe things will pick up tomorrow like how people shopping for school. Saturdays come in like Sunday now, the way things slow. When you go country, it's the same thing. Tings just rough. Hopefully things work out the last week before school start," she declared.