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Celebration among the stink

Published:Monday | September 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Old furniture in the middle of Collie Smith Drive to alert motorists of raw sewage flowing in the street.

While many residents of Trench Town and Arnett Gardens in Kingston were praising their local superhero Tremayne Brown for saving a 12-year-old last Friday, others have been hopping and skipping over raw sewage spewing from a broken manhole on Collie Smith Drive for more than a week.

The broken manhole is located between Eighth and Ninth streets in the community, and is marked by an old couch, which residents have used as a caution marker for motorists using that section of the roadway. Sometimes it does not work, as some residents are splashed by unaware motorists.

"Is about a week now it a go on like this. It all a splash up people," cursed Stacy Ann Maghie, a resident of Arnett Gardens, who was seen skipping over the filth on her way home yesterday.

"This stink and this stale, and here is diehearted PNP (People's National Party), and this is how them treat we. Is we them don't respond for," offered Stacy Hall, another resident of Arnett Gardens, who spoke to our news team as she made her way home.

In the meantime, Jerome King, who lives right next to the broken manhole on Collie Smith Drive, said the stench is worse at nights.

"It smell really red, me general. Wicked, me tell you. We a wonder how nobody don't come programme it all now. Is right beside me mother window it is, so you know it really get bad a night-time," he said.