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Embrace change, Hylton urges Gleaner employees

Published:Tuesday | September 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMPaul Clarke
The Gleaner's long-service award recipients pose with their plaques yesterday, after they were recognised by the company.
For 45 years' dedication and hard work, Osmond Brown, the longest-serving of the group being honoured, received special commendation.
Pensioners were recognised too.

NCB Financial Group's Managing Director Patrick Hylton urged Gleaner employees not to be daunted by changes in a fast-pace world. They should, instead, embrace the opportunities that these changes carry.

Hylton was the keynote speaker at The Gleaner's Annual Long-Service Awards and Pensioners' Luncheon at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel yesterday, where 21 employees were celebrated and awarded for their dedication.

"Change, whose face can be daunting and intimidating, carries with it opportunities that should be embraced," he said.

"What we are seeing is that all industries, including media and financial services, are being shaped or being significantly influenced by digital technology. Among the many reasons for that is that digital technology enables speed, it enables simplicity, transparency, and it facilitates convenience," Hylton said.

According to Hylton, the change in times requires an adjustment of the thought process. He said this was critical if businesses were to be successful.

He also urged the long-standing employees to treat each day like it was the first day on the job, to maximise effort and to help create an attitude of consistency towards work. This, he said, was important if businesses are to thrive.

Managing Director Christopher Barnes, who received an award for serving The Gleaner for 10 years, said that changes that the company has undergone in the last few years were in the interest of its long-term sustainability.

"In this past year, we have seen much change take place in our company and in the wider RJRGLEANER Group structure, as we move forward with our integration. We have seen some of our colleagues, our friends, move on to different careers after serving the company well, some for many years. We take the opportunity to thank them and wish them every success going forward," Barnes said.

The managing director said his experience at the helm of the company has cemented in his mind the belief that The Gleaner is indeed a place for intense learning.

"This event marks 10 years being with this company. Time has flown by very quickly. This has caused me to reflect on my career at The Gleaner and I can say without reservation, that this is the most I have ever learnt in such a small space of time. University has absolutely nothing on The Gleaner," he quipped.

Senior sales executive Osmond Brown's 45 years of service was lauded among 20 others at the awards ceremony. He paid homage to his fellow awardees, calling them men and women of steel.





10 Years' Service


Christopher Barnes, Tanya Davis, Sheryl Brown Dobbs, Trudy Hardware, Rohan Phillips, Monica Matthews-Reid, Patrick James and Derek Aarons.


15 Years' Service


Stephanie Gordon-Reid, Daviot Kelly, Nashauna Lalah and Monique Simpson.


20 Years' Service


Nordia Craig, Claudette Brown, Dennis Hoyte and Adrian Frater


25 Years' Service


Trecia McGowan


30 Years' Service


Alves Deans and Sandra Chambers


35 Years' Service


Norman Grindley


45 Years' Service


Osmond Brown