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Local business owners urged to plan for disasters

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM
A man begins the task of rebuilding his home after it was damaged by Hurricane Irma in Nagua, Dominican Republic, recently.

The devastation being experienced in several countries in the Caribbean has not escaped the attention of business owners in Jamaica, who have urged their associates to make sure that plans are in place to alleviate damage should the country experience a hurricane.

Romain Lovindeer, business development manager at C&W Business, told the gathering at the Private Sector of Jamaica President's Forum that the effects of climate change and disasters cannot be ignored any longer, and as such, they should put plans in place.

"More often, we find business being affected by the little things we take for granted like our emails being delayed. But there are events that we have no control over and unplanned eventualities. When acts of God occur, we have to, as an organisation, try to offer services that will aid in damage [mitigation]," he said.


Integrity and fairness


Dave Garcia, group general counsel and corporate secretary at the NCB Fnancial Group, who spoke on the topic 'A Name That Is Better than Gold - The Value of Good Business Practices', encouraged leaders to ensure that they are guided by integrity and fairness.

"What about us and our organisations, do we fund or support justice reform? We know the system is broken. We know that most persons can't afford the top man. Do we spend on unjust or improper causes? Do we think about what is happening in our organisations? Do we practise fairness, or do victims have to fight just to have their voices heard or to prove their innocence?" he charged.