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Stay away from lottery scamming, warns Sir Patrick

Published:Saturday | September 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller
Governor General Sir Patrick Allen

Western Bureau:

Jamaica's Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, has issued a stern warning to young people in general, and students in particular, to stay away from lottery scamming, noting that there is much more to life than the acquisition of illicit cash.

Speaking to students and staff members at the Green Island High School in Hanover on Thursday during his tour of the western parish, Sir Patrick said that one of the major challenges that young people across the country, especially in western Jamaica, are now facing is the temptation posed by lottery scamming.

"I hear of students dropping out of school to pursue this venture, so I tell you this, there is so much in this world, young people, for you to see. There is so much to endeavour to become. There is so much for you to dare to achieve that you do not have to be involved in scamming," argued Sir Patrick.


Endless possibilities


"The truth is, education truly opens the door to endless possibilities, giving each and every one of you a chance to attain so much more than what we have here in Jamaica. Education opens the doors of the universe to all of you," added Sir Patrick.

Sir Patrick also encouraged the students to have faith in themselves and press along even in what seems to be difficult times and a confusing world. "It matters not where you are from. It matters not what your disadvantages may be. You have the ability to play a successful role in our society," he said.

In noting the significant advantages that technology can provide, Sir Patrick urged the students to become masters of their destiny, using good moral values, faith in God, a belief in themselves, and pride in their country as their guide.