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Spelling Bee | Tiffany knew she'd win

Published:Tuesday | September 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Tiffany DeCambre, Spelling Bee champion for St Thomas, celebrates victory with her mother, Debbie Thomas.
Brianna Lee and Jelani Keymist, of Eastern Paradise Preparatory School, look through their participation prize bags after dropping out of the parish competition, held yesterday at the Morant Bay Parish Church Hall in St Thomas.

Morant Bay, St Thomas:




1. Tiffany DeCambre, Airy Castle Primary

2. Jevaughn Bernard, Airy Castle Primary

3. Shoan-Hullee Cooper, White Horses Primary

4. Jaheim Simpson, White Horses Primary

5. Shakiel Campbell, Morant Bay Primary

Top Boy: Jevaughn Bernard, Airy Castle Primary

Top Girl: Tiffany DeCambre, Airy Castle Primary

Winning word: V-E-R-T-E-B-R-A-E

Coach: Violet Solomon, grade-one teacher.

Coach on winning: "I'm very elated! It was a lot of hard work, but the attitude of both spellers was very good, and the parental support helped."

The coach boasts her success with the Spelling Club at the school. She also says she has spellers as young as eight as part of the club, and they look very promising.

Solomon had to put the club, which meets every Wednesday, on hold to focus on preparing the now St Thomas champion boy and girl.

Tiffany on winning: "I am excited and happy."

Tiffany is 10 years old and she is in grade five. This is her first time entering the competition. She has been in training since she was in grade three, when she joined the Spelling Club at her school. She admits that though she didn't study intensely, she was confident that she would win.

"I didn't study much over the summer. I started to do more when I went back to school. My mother (Debbie Thomas) would also help me with my words."

Tiffany loves to study, watch TV and read, but admits that she doesn't like books without pictures.

Pink is her favourite colour and she loves colouring.

Fun Fact: Violet Solomon is the mother of former Spelling Bee champion and now coach Hanif Brown.

"I called him this morning and told him we are spelling today and he wished me good luck."

When it came down to the final six spellers, the boys and girls all came from three schools - Airy Castle Primary, White Horses Primary, and Morant Bay Primary.