Sat | May 25, 2019

Phillips names huge Shadow Cabinet, support team

Published:Friday | September 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell
People's National Party President Dr Peter Phillips (fifth from right) sits with some members of his new Shadow Cabinet and support team during a press conference at the party's Old Hope Road, St Andrew headquarters yesterday.

Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips yesterday unveiled a sizeable 19 portfolio positions in a Shadow Cabinet that saw some shifts from the previous council of spokespersons.

In addition to the Shadow Cabinet, Phillips also named eight persons who will provide support in portfolio areas to which they have specific responsibility.

Making the announcement at the People's National Party (PNP) headquarters on Old Hope Road in Kingston, Phillips said that the 19 portfolio areas were not an indication that a future PNP government would reflect the specific assignments.

He said that the Shadow Cabinet would carry out its constitutional role of providing checks and balances against governmental excess or departure from good governance.

The spokespersons, according to the opposition leader, will provide an effective opposition in Parliament while focusing on the priority areas being pursued by the party.

"They are all very competent people, as are the other members of the team in the House and the Senate," he said.




The newly elected chairman of the PNP, Fitz Jackson, has been promoted to shadow the tough area of national security. He told The Gleaner yesterday that he would be meeting with stakeholders in the security sector, including the leadership of the security forces.

"I will not be politicising security. It's a multifaceted area. It requires the buy-in of the society and specific stakeholders," Jackson said, adding that the Opposition was willing and ready to sit with the Government to come up with strategies to significantly tackle the crime problem. "We will not compromise the national security of the country for partisan considerations."

Lisa Hanna, who formerly shadowed youth and culture, has been given new responsibility to speak on matters relating to foreign affairs and foreign trade.

Dr Dayton Campbell, who previously covered the agriculture sector, has now been assigned to speak on health. In the Shadow Cabinet, local government will be monitored by Angela Brown-Burke.




1. Peter Phillips - Leader of the Opposition

2. Mark Golding - Finance and Planning

3. Fitz Jackson - National Security

4. Peter Bunting - Industry, Investment, and Competitiveness

5. Philip Paulwell - Mining and Energy

6. Dr Fenton Ferguson - Agriculture and Rural Development

7. Dr Wykeham McNeill - Tourism and Entertainment

8. Horace Dalley - Labour and Welfare

9. Lisa Hanna - Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

10. Julian Robinson - Science and Technology

11. Mikael Phillips/Richard Azan - Transport and Works

12. Morais Guy - Housing

13. Ian Hayles - Water and Climate Change

14. Rev Ronald Thwaites - Education and Training

15. Angela Brown-Burke - Local Government

16. Noel Arscott - Community Development and Social Transformation

17. Dr Dayton Campbell - Health

18. Damion Crawford - Youth and Culture

19. Donna Scott Mottley - Justice




In the Office of the Leader of the Opposition:

n Anthony Hylton - Development and National Physical Planning

n Natalie Neita - Sports, Information and Gender Affairs

n Sophia Fraser-Binns - Land and Environment

In Finance and Planning:

n Lambert Brown - Public Service

In Agriculture and Rural Development:

n Victor Wright - Rural Development

In Labour and Welfare:

n Senator Floyd Morris - Welfare

In Education and Training:

n Michael Stewart - Training