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‘Steady-hands Shane’ - Surgeon says SE St Mary will benefit from his skills

Published:Monday | October 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dr Shane Alexis

A respected and successful Cuban-trained medical doctor, Shane Alexis is looking to his turn his surgical skills into a winning hand for the People's National Party (PNP) in the St Mary South Eastern seat at the close of polls on October 30.

At 38 years old, Alexis was born almost four decades after Norman Manley took the helm of the PNP, which O.T. Fairclough is credited with forming. Alexis, however, emphasised last week that his decision to enter representational politics is grounded firmly in the core values that informed its establishment.

"This election ... is at a critical time, and we need serious people with serious ideas. We want loyal, honest individuals to serve the country. That is why I have stepped forward," said Alexis.

"So, see how mi shirt new and mi hands dem still clean? Dem nuh get dirty. That is what Norman Manley started in 1938. That is what I subscribe to. That is what I want you to stand for - no watered-down PNP.

"This election, we want a strong party. We want groups to form and to stay with us, not just for this election, but right through the general election when we will have formed the next government of Jamaica," added Alexis.

If voters have doubts about his commitment and fitness for the challenge of serving as the representative for a rural community in his first go at representational politics, Alexis sought to dispel those doubts.

"These are serious times, Comrades. These are times when we need to have steady hands. As a medical doctor, I make decisions about people's lives every day. My hands dem don't shake. I don't get nervous. As a medical doctor, you must have a steady mind. You must have a humanitarian heart, and you must care about people," declared Alexis.