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Editors' Forum | Jamaica has been doing relatively well in dealing with HIV but…

Published:Thursday | October 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Robyn Miller
Mikel Jackson
Davina Gayle-Williams
Garth Minott
Patrick Lalor
Kandasi Levermore

Programme Development Manager, Davina Gayle-Williams - We need to stop the discrimination.

Executive Director, Kandasi Levermore - We need to support people living with HIV.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Canon Garth Minott - Love you neighbour as yourself.

Policy and Advocacy Officer, Patrick Lalor - We need to ensure that our legislative environment is conducive to supporting people living with HIV.

Grants Manager, Mikel Jackson - We need to start having frank discussions about sex and understanding how it impacts different populations including our young persons and those living with disabilities.

Public Relations Officer, Robyn Miller - But we can do better by ending stigma and discrimination.