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'I don't understand why,' bemoans mother of slain watchman

Published:Tuesday | October 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Evadney Carthy (right), mother of slain watchman Alrick Carthy. Seated beside her is his cousin, Susan Ricketts.


Tears streaked down Evadney Carthy's cheeks as she tried to make sense of yesterday's early-morning killing of her son, Alrick Carthy, on the compound of Thompson Town High School in Clarendon, as he carried out his watchman duties.

"I don't understand why," she muttered, trying her best to keep her emotions in check and failing as her granddaughter, Kemonie, succumbed to the pain of losing her father, bursting into tears.

"It's hard," she managed to tell The Gleaner yesterday from their home in Springfield.

Evadney said she got the horrific news shortly before 2 o'clock when her son in Canada called her daughter and she heard her screaming.

"They were trying to hide it from me, as they knew I have high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol problems," she shared.

Reflecting on her son's life, she said he was a good person.

"He treated everyone just like he treats me. You see if I quarrel with him, he cries. He was harmless," the grieving mom shared, her shoulders heaving once again.




In the midst of dealing with the loss of her son, Evadney must also deal with the fact that her husband is now at May Pen Hospital, as he got a stroke upon hearing of his son's death.

"At first, he didn't believe, telling them to call the school and verify, and then he just broke down," she said, as relatives who surrounded her told her to take it easy and not break down.

Carthy, who leaves behind three children - including son Orane, who just entered seventh grade, and daughter Kemonie, who is a fifth-former at the high school where their father was killed - has been described by the whole Springfield community as peace loving and quiet.

"He was a hard worker, he cared for his children and he didn't like conflict," were the recurring sentiments by those who spoke about him.

One of Carthy's cousins, Susan Ricketts, even while mourning his loss, is concerned about his young son, as she said he has not cried.

"When everyone is falling apart, he only he wants to know who did it (kill his father)," she said.


$500,000 MOTIVE?


Councillor for the Thompson Town division, Collin Henry, who lives yards away from the victim, described him as a peacemaker, even relating an incident that took place on the netball court at the school days ago.

"They were playing football and one of the men started getting aggressive, using expletives. He (Alrick) just took up his stuff and called it a day, saying he is not playing with any bad man. That's the type of person he was," said Henry.

There has been much speculation as to the reason for Carthy's murder, including from North Western Clarendon Member of Parliament Richard Azan, who was on the scene.

Last Friday, Azan presented a grant of $500,000 to Thompson Town High School to improve its academic programmes.

"There's some suspicion that some people have to say that maybe those who are involved feel that the $500,000 was in cash and the money was at the school. So maybe the cutter that they found was part of it to see if they could gain entry to where the funding would be," said Azan.

Police reports are that at about 1:30 yesterday morning, 39-year-old Alrick Carthy was shot and killed, while his colleague was also injured in the same incident on the school compound.