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Horrifying! - Child killer details grisly murder of 11-y-o

Published:Wednesday | November 1, 2017 | 12:00 AMLivern Barrett
Knife attack

A Manchester man who detailed for police investigators how, with assistance from his girlfriend, he used a knife to cut the throat of her 11-year-old brother two times was yesterday convicted of murder.

Kayode Garwood, 28, was found guilty in the Manchester Circuit Court after a seven-member jury returned a unanimous verdict. He is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow.

His girlfriend, Denisha Gregory, 25, was sentenced in 2014 to four years in prison after she pleaded guilty to manslaughter for her role in the heinous murder of her brother.

Among the evidence presented during the trial was a caution statement Garwood gave police investigators - signed in the presence of two justices of the peace - in which he detailed how 11-year-old Tareek Gregory screamed and fought for his life, even biting one of his sister's fingers at one point.

Defence lawyers tried to have the statement excluded, arguing that Garwood did not have an attorney present when he spoke to detectives.

Prosecutors Andrea Martin Swaby and Steve Walters argued, however, that the statement was given voluntarily and in the presence of two justices of the peace.

Justice Chester Stamp, who presided over the trial, agreed with prosecutors.




Prosecutors led evidence that Gregory and Garwood hatched a plan to kill her mother, father and brother because her mother did not approve of the relationship and the 11-year-old was their favourite child.

Garwood, in his caution statement, recounted how he and his girlfriend let themselves into her parents' home and waited for them to return.

"She go roun inna har mother room and lay down pan har bed an me turn off di TV and go lay dung beside har pan har mother bed. She turn to me and seh we soon start run off yah so, meaning a me an har ago live roun yah so at har mother house," he said in the statement.

Soon after, Garwood said Tareek - affectionately known as 'Reeki' - arrived at the house. He said Denisha sent her sibling into their father's room for a suitcase "but mi inna di room a ready fi when Reeki come in deh.

"Me walk out from behind the door and hold him and him did a scream. Mi did a try fi hold him mout, but mi couldn't hold him, and Denisha come roun and put har han' inna him mout and him did a bite Denisha pan har finga," he said.

That's when Garwood said he held the boy's throat and "squeeze ee until him knock out".




"When him knock out, mi tek up di knife and cut him throat, and when time him wake up back, mi hear him a blow. Him could hardly blow," he recounted.

"Denisha come to mi an seh 'him no dead yet', and shi come an give mi one bat and seh mi fi lick him wid it and mi lick him inna him head two time. After, Denisha tell mi seh him nuh dead yet, mi cut him throat again, then mi lick him inna him head wid di baton."

He said he and Denisha walked to another room in the house, but could still hear the child blowing. "Shi come roun deh wid one black scandal bag and tell mi fi put it ova him head, 'him wi dead fasta'," Garwood confessed.

"While mi a put it ova him head and a tighten it, him hold up him hand an tear it off him face and me turn to har and seh, 'Yuh a idiot? Mi nuh tell yuh fi hold him hand?' Same time mi tek out di knife and stab him two times pan him left side."

The 11-year-old boy eventually died. The two left the house before Denisha's parents came home.