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Hanover man freed of murder, rape, abduction

Published:Wednesday | November 8, 2017 | 7:03 PM

Twenty-eight-year-old Rushawn Patterson of Lucea, Hanover, has been freed of murder, rape, and abduction.

Patterson was freed in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after the judge upheld a no case submission by attorney-at-law Hugh Wildman that Patterson's constitutional rights were being breached.

Wildman argued that his client was innocent of the charges.

He also said the case had been dragging on since 2013 and that the prosecution was not ready.

Patterson was accused of using a motorcar to mow down a woman who died from her injuries shortly after.

She had jumped from the motorcar on Cargill Avenue in St. Andrew after reportedly being abducted on Maxfield Avenue in February 2013.

The woman, who was also allegedly assaulted and her throat slashed, managed to escape from the motorcar and made a report to the police.

Patterson was picked up some weeks later at a bus stop at Half Way Tree in St. Andrew while on his way to enroll as a student at a university.

Wildman said Patterson maintained his innocence and contended that he was never in possession of a motorcar and the case against him was fabricated.

Patterson was pointed out at an identification parade, but Wildman said the man reported that his photograph was taken while he was in custody.

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