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Warmington launches fresh media broadside - Accuses RJRGLEANER of trying to bring down Holness administration

Published:Thursday | November 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju

Member of Parliament for South West St Catherine Everald Warmington has accused two entities in the RJRGLEANER Communications Group of plotting to bring down the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government of which he is a member.

"I didn't want to stoop to their level to say anything, but The Gleaner Company and RJR, they have not masked their plan and programme and their desire. The Gleaner Company and RJR, their aim is to undermine Prime Minister Andrew Holness and to defeat his government. The Gleaner Company and RJR, that is their agenda," said Warmington.

"There is no if, and, but, and they don't mask it. It's open," Warmington told a meeting of Parliament's Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Committee at Gordon House on Tuesday.

Angered by repeated Gleaner editorials, which have characterised the CDF as a 'pork barrel' trough for MPs, Warmington, who chairs the CDF Committee, voiced his displeasure.

"I have never put my hand in pork barrel because I don't need it," declared Warmington, while ignoring urgings from committee members not to "go down that road".

Undaunted, Warmington ranted about how local journalists have maintained a long and sustained personal attack against him as well as the JLP.

"The thing is, they write pretty articles for those them like, and then they try to attack others they don't. But as I've said before, the news media in Jamaica can attack me left, right, and centre. They've been doing it since 1980, and they have never defeated me.


'Them can't get me out!'


"In the by-election that we had out there (South West St Catherine), I wasn't running against the PNP candidate," said Everald Warmington. "The media took me to task. They were the candidate against me, the opponent against me, and I whip them left, right, and centre," he said.

"Every time them come a election, I beat the press, cah a nuh di opponent who come run fi PNP or independent. A press a my opponent. Every time they come a beat them, and (they) can't realise that dem wasting them time.

"They have to wait until I retire. Them can't get me out. They need to stop that rubbish. All dem a do a beat up dem gum, but I'll be there until I retire. The press can't beat me in any election. All them need to do is put on the orange shirt when them ready and come make me beat them in the correct colour," declared Warmington.