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Health Check | Some improvement in critical areas in western hospitals

Published:Wednesday | December 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Some improvement in critical areas in western hospitals

There has been a general improvement in the supply of medical supplies, equipment and disposables in the high-risk clinical service-delivery areas at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) and the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital (SPGH) two years after a Ministry of Health audit found significant deficiencies.

In a recent report prepared for The Gleaner, the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA) disclosed that the demand for obstetric and maternity services at the two hospitals continues to be high and outweighs the capacity of the existing units.

According to the WRHA, expansion plans are in place in the SPGH and, in the interim, the services have been reorganised to improve patient care.

The authority has also disclosed that additional equipment, as required, has been procured at both hospitals. It adds that preventative maintenance and replacements for equipment are ongoing through the procurement process.