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Killed for protecting her teen daughter

Published:Wednesday | December 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMLivern Barrett

A 22-year-old man has pleaded guilty to murder after detailing for police investigators how he chopped a St Mary woman to death after she reported to the police that he was having a sexual relationship with her teenage daughter.

Kenroy Hayles pleaded guilty in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston yesterday to killing Olivene Erica Brown, 34, in the small community of Fontabelle district in July last year and is to be sentenced on January 19.

"Nobody nuh feel good 'bout it. Everybody seh him shoulda get some punishment for it. Some people even seh him should get life [in prison]," a resident of Fontabelle district told The Gleaner yesterday.

Hayles, in a caution statement he dictated to police investigators, indicated that he and Brown were the "best a friend" when she moved to the community and began constructing her home.

"Him (Brown) use to ask me fi pick out stone fi full out the house bottom," he recounted.


Friendship soured


But according to the convicted killer, his friendship with Brown turned sour when she discovered "seh him daughter like me off".

"A soh come me an har friendship come fi break up," he said.

Hayles recounted one instance when the 14-year-old girl invited him to her parent's house. He said Brown came home and "ketch him in the house" and went to the police to file a report.

He said he went to Negril to do some construction work and when he returned to the community, Brown repeatedly accused him of stealing things from her home and made numerous reports to the police.

"Everything happen a him yard him seh a me bruk inna him house when me nuh know nutten 'bout it," he protested to investigators.

Hayles said that following an incident in which he was threatened by a group of men from the community, he decided to stop communicating with the teen but indicated that the 14-year-old continued to pursue him.

"Him daughter have me number, and him daughter continue call me, and she [Brown] find out and come back come report me," he told detectives.

"Me hide an go in a him [Brown] house, and him lie down on the bed, and me use di machete and chap him in a him neck and back, an a it dat," he confessed.