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Merry Christmas for downtown vendors; shoppers cram area

Published:Saturday | December 23, 2017 | 12:01 AMNicholas Nunes
Nadine is all smiles displaying fashionable clothing to two customers Michaela (left) and Georgiann.

It is safe to say that this will be a merry Christmas for vendors operating in the busy downtown Kingston shopping district, evident in the number of shoppers there for the usual holiday bazaar.

Some vendors with whom The Gleaner team spoke said that they felt that this was going to be a good season for them as sales had been brisk up to yesterday in comparison to last year at this time.

"Trust me, dah Christmas yah is a good look. Me nah lie. This year, business a gwaan good, me boss," one food vendor, who goes by the name Kemar, said.

Jay, another vendor, who also sells food items, agreed that the prospects for making "crazy money" were looking good.

"This year turn out better than expected so far because the people dem a buy up dem food items fi cook Christmas dinner," he said.

And while food vendors had little to do to attract shoppers, it was left to the creativity of others to get their attention.

One man used his body as a stand-in Christmas tree decorated with lights to sell his products.

Georgiann, a shopper, and her daughter, Michaela, who were shopping for clothing to be used as costumes in a Christmas play, were having a blast.

"This Christmas nice like pudding 'cause mi and mi daughter have a job yah now as actresses in a Christmas play," Georgiann said. "We just excited about the variety of clothes we can choose from, so you know wi a go shot pan stage," she said, while 'high-fiving' her daughter.