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... Organisers look back, while planning next staging

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM

After all the festivities of last Friday, it was back to cleaning up and reviewing the day's activities with the aim of improving on next year's event, for the Canada Grace Mission.

"After cleaning up, we siddung and talk about what happen - our accomplishments, what we didn't accomplish this year, what we should leave out and plan back fi next year. So we are ahead in terms of planning for next year - what we need to improve on and our mistakes, and all of that," Tamika Gordon told The Gleaner.

Gordon is a member of Team Jamaica, the local chapter, which, along with Team Canada and Team New York, are at the core of the Canada Grace Mission.

Her job revolves around monitoring the diverse and changing needs of the target beneficiaries and liaising with the overseas partners.

"I help to coordinate the stripping of the barrels; doing a stock count of all the contents - food, clothing, everything; as well as a count of the elderly and the children so that when the bags are packed, everybody's name will be on them," she explained.


Get in touch with Team Jamaica


During the recent treat, Gordon fielded questions from some community members who said that they were in need of items such as walkers and wheelchairs, as well as medical supplies. However, when questioned, they admitted that they had not advised any members of Team Jamaica and so were not registered to receive the necessary assistance.

Gordon advised her community members of the need to get in touch with Team Jamaica members such as her, advising that the protocol would ensure that their needs were met.

One of the observations from this year's event is that even where many seniors had walking sticks, in most cases, they were in need of replacement. Many of those whose blood pressure count was very high admitted that they had not been sticking to the requisite diet, and even when they had medication, were not taking it as prescribed.

"Them naw tek the pressure thing serious," Gordon lamented.