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Expanded metro bus service for MoBay - Henry - Rail service also under consideration

Published:Tuesday | January 16, 2018 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry/Gleaner Writer
Minister of Transport and Mining Mike Henry.


Transport and Mining Minister Mike Henry said he will be seeking to expand the metro bus service in Montego Bay, St James, as part of an integrated transport plan that will ensure sustainability, which is one of the bigger challenges the service is facing today.

"We are coming up with an integrated transport plan that relates to growth, and I am rebuilding Montego Bay metro," Henry told The Gleaner during a recent visit to the western city.

"However, we have to ensure that in what we have to do, we can sustain it, and in that avenue, I am held back a little bit because we can't make transport at its real cost for the people."

According to the minister, Jamaica's economy has not grown sufficiently to be able to adopt the level of sustainability needed for the bus service.

"So that means I have got to wait until the number of buses have expanded," stated Henry, who further noted that changes are expected to unfold within the next two years.




The transport minister further stated that plans are in the pipeline to solve many of Montego Bay's transportation issues, which includes plans for a railway service in the tourist capital.

"Some things will be happening that Montego Bay will be very happy about in respect to of rail service," said Henry. "I'm going no further than that today because each of these things is exciting opportunities that will be unfolding from the Ministry of Transport and Mining."

He added, "The only way the railway has been able to exist is by carrying bauxite. If not, it would have already disappeared as scrap metal. So it is a linkage that I want to deal with in the ministry."

According to Henry, it has long been touted that the lowest cost and the most efficient way of travel is the railway, citing other countries that continue to use the service as a mode of public transport to this day.

"So that's going to be a whole issue, and I am reminding everyone, wherever the railway runs, that they will be treated with respect," Henry stated.