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No compensation, no more vote! - Tivoli residents issue ultimatum to Government

Published:Thursday | January 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer
Yesterday, residents of Tivoli Gardens protested outside the Ministry of Justice on Constant Road, St Andrew, about being denied compensation from the 2010 west Kingston incursion, that left several persons dead and major damage to the community.

Residents of Tivoli Gardens in west Kingston have threatened to stop voting in national elections if the Government fails to compensate them properly for atrocities committed against them in the 2010 incursion.

During a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew yesterday, they expressed outrage that portfolio minister Delroy Chuck has, seemingly, shut the door on a significant number of affected persons getting compensation.

In a presentation to Parliament on Tuesday, Chuck said that residents have been receiving compensation, but he refused to entertain persons who are just coming forward when the matter has been closed. He said that the Government had given them ample time to apply for compensation.

However, many of the protesters claim that they went to the relevant authorities to submit their names for compensation, but they were left off the list.

"Like how you take we name off a di compensation list, you can tek we name off a di voter list, too. No more voting, and that go for all of us who don't get no compensation. Him hold di money, so we a guh hold the votes," said resident Pamela Brown.

Nicole Bryce Wilson, who featured prominently on the televised Tivoli Commission of Enquiry, said that she is yet to receive anything.

"Dem seh dem send down how much name weh dem fi compensate, who have property damage, who lost loved ones and who received injuries. That is a lie because a whole lot of people inna Tivoli don't get any compensation. Plus, when I went around to the community centre, my name was not on the list. Me go down a conference centre go pon stand. Mi go inna di newspaper and everything, and mi still don't get anything. Delroy Chuck seh di matter closed. How the matter fi close? It cya close!" she declared.