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We can sleep with doors open, say some Manchester residents

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer
Shawn Patterson
Lesley Hamilton

While decrying the blood-letting taking place islandwide since the start of 2018, some Manchester residents are adamant that apart from the three murders recorded in the parish up to January 20, things have been relatively calm there compared to other parts of Jamaica.

Two of those three murders occurred in one incident on Saturday, January 21, in Porus, when gunmen walked into a bar and shot and killed the operator of that establishment, 49-year-old St Claire Wayne Jordine.

Upon leaving the scene, the gunmen fired several more shots, killing Marcia McKenzie, 52.

Despite that brazen incident, and a triple murder a few years ago, residents of Porus claim that they are not used to that type of incident.

Garfield Francis from Reeves-wood, Porus, said that he can sleep with his home's doors and windows open.

"We don't really have crime around this side. Lately, you hear about double shooting on the front, but apart from that, we good around this side. 'Round here, you can sleep with your window and your door open. Nobody nah come inna your place!" he said.

Lesley Hamilton shared a similar sentiment.

"Our place right now, one and two likkle thing will gwaan. Things great a Manchester. Right now, we a one a di best parish. Di crime nuh bad inna Manchester."

In the town of Mandeville, many suggested solutions for demolishing the crime monster plaguing many parishes.

Vendor, Shawn Patterson, said: "Jamaica record so much murder, and it is just the first month. Mi just hope the rest of the year go crime free. My suggestion is that when the Government goes into communities with a state of emergency, they should not carry it on the news."