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We have no eyewitness - say prosecutors in Michael McLean murder trial

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The spiritual leader told the accused killer that he saw 'a whole heep a blood ... and sharp knives.'
Accused killer complained of feeling ill after eating steamed fish.

Prosecutors in the murder trial of a St Thomas man accused of killing six members of two families, including four children, yesterday admitted that they had no eyewitness account of the incident.

However, lead prosecutor Paula Llewellyn indicated, in her opening address to the seven-member jury, that she intends to present evidence pointing to Michael McLean as the person responsible for the killing.

"We are going to lead evidence showing that the only way those persons were killed was at the hands of the accused," Llewellyn said in the Home Circuit Court.

McLean is on trial for six counts of murder.

Llewellyn said that prose-cutors will present evidence showing that McLean had concerns that one of the victims, Terry-Ann Mohammed, might have given him something to eat "that did not agree with him".

She said that prosecutors would also present evidence of how the accused interrupted a police interview just over a week after the killings and volunteered to lead detectives to the body of six-year-old Jihad McCool in St Mary.

"He directed them to an area where you had some pieces of wood over what looked like a shallow grave. When they dug up the grave, they found the decomposing body of Jihad McCool," Llewellyn said.

The first witness, a St Thomas woman, testified that she and McLean visited a "spiritual leader" after he complained of feeling ill after eating a meal of steamed fish that had been prepared by Mohammed.

She said that the spiritual leader told McLean that he saw "a whole heap a blood, and me nuh see no gun, enuh. Me only see some sharp knives."

"The man replied, 'Me a nuh God. Me can only tell you what the angels show me'," the witness testified.