Tue | Dec 18, 2018

Inside the Municipal Corporations | Councillor calls for Donald Trump style action

Published:Saturday | February 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/ Gleaner Writer

Radcliffe McDonald, councillor of the Toll Gate division of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, had fellow councillors erupting in laughter as he shouted that some government agencies needed "Donald Trump-style" action to deal with them.

His outburst stemmed from the current impasse between the National Works Agency (NWA) and the National Water Commission (NWC) regarding the reconstructing of the Jacob's Hut Bridge, which collapsed during the heavy rains in April last year.

At the monthly meeting of the corporation on Thursday, the delay in the reconstruction of the bridge came up, with both entities claiming that the other was the cause of the delay.

Councillor Joel Williams expressed his disgust at the blame game and said that he would be taking the matter to the attention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

"Two government entities - two government agencies - at loggerheads," he said, adding that he was tired of it.

"The two agencies seem to be playing footsie with this issue. You call Water Commission, they send you back to NWA; you call the NWA, they send you back to the NWC. Well, let them speak to the prime minister as to who has the responsibility to remove the pipes," he said of the issue that was causing the bone of contention and the delay.

Williams lashed out at the constant dialogue, with no one making an effort to remove the pipes, which he said belonged to the NWC.




Addressing the issue, a very vocal McDonald called for them to take early retirement.

"Give people the job who need to work. That is just the reality of it. They just do as they like. They think that they cannot be fired?" he said, as he called for a Trump-style shake-up. Trump is president of the United States.

He also accused some workers of the state agencies of taking the people for a ride and called for a strong message to be sent to them. He called on the Government to "touch them where it hurts - in their pocketbooks - by firing them".