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Jamaica Under Labour Forum

Published:Saturday | March 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

How do you grade the Government's performance in the areas of economy and governance in the past two years since forming the Government?


ï John Jackson, chartered accountant, financial analyst, and entrepreneur

"There are some limitations in terms of what can be done, but I think slowly, [the Government] is moving forward with what it has to do."

ï Professor Trevor Munroe, executive director, National Integrity Action

"More is necessary and more is possible under this administration, so I would wait until 2018 or 2019 to see if they pass a C Grade. So for me, I grade them six out of 10 on the economy and governance."

ï Allison Peart, country managing partner and a tax partner at the Ernst & Young Office in Jamaica

"The International Monetary Fund has already graded the Government, so we must continue some of the rules we agreed we would do in order to ensure we are on a path to the success of the economy. There is still a lot to do from a social perspective to lift the country out of crime.

ï Danny Roberts, head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute

"One of things we have to deal with at an accelerated pace is public-sector transformation because I believe that quality institutions are a critical component for economic growth.

"The IMF had said the country is on the right track. The exam is not finished. I don't want to mark at mid-term. I want to wait until the exam is finished. But I think that the trajectory is moving in the right direction."

ï Jodi-Ann Quarrie, inter-national human rights and environmental attorney

"I think six out of 10 is reasonable. Here's why: They are two years in as a Government, and anything they do now has the ability to change dramatically over the next three years the course of the Government - what they do and where they go.

"On the plus side, they have shown a willingness to engage and speak to the people of Jamaica and see what is needed. They were expected to come into Government blazing. They did not, but they have the ability to change things."