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Clansman accused of over 100 murders in 15 months - 'Blackman' and relatives charged

Published:Wednesday | March 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMSyranno Baines/Gleaner Writer

Data presented by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) has indicated that the Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang is responsible for 103 of the 183 murders committed in the St Catherine North Police Division during the past 15 months.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, head of C-TOC, said that of the 134 murders in the division last year, 78 can be attributed to the gang, with a further 25 of the 49 recorded since the start of the year.

Bailey reasoned that the murderous rampage across the St Catherine North Division was as a result of an intra-gang conflict between two factions, one being led by reputed gangster Tesha Miller and the other by AndrÈ Bryan, otherwise called 'Blackman'.

"The conflict is about control of space, control of guns, extortion, as well as there has been a significant amount of contract killings," said Bailey.

The senior police commander revealed that Bryan, his girlfriend, brother, mother and two cronies have been charged under anti-gang legislation on Monday.




Bailey explained that a joint operation involving the St Catherine North Proactive Investigation Unit and C-TOC began investigating the operations of the gang in 2015.

"Thirty-two persons were charged during the course of the investigation, and these persons will also be charged as a part of the criminal organisation. The investigation is ongoing and I can guarantee you that other persons will be brought to book at the conclusion of this investigation," Bailey disclosed.

Bailey said Bryan and his relatives were held on March 4 during an operation at a house they rented in upper St Andrew. Investigations revealed that they were paying a monthly rental of US$1,500 (J$190,000).

All six remain in custody and are scheduled to appear in court on Friday.


1. Andre Bryan, 33 - charged with leading a criminal organisation and attempting to recruit an adult to a criminal organisation.

2. Millicent Brown, 53 (Bryan's mother) - charged with being part of a criminal organisation by facilitating the commission of a serious offence and obtaining a benefit from a criminal organisation.

3. Kevaughn Green, 25 (Bryan's brother) - charged with being part of a criminal organisation by facilitating the commission of a serious crime.

4. Alicia Brown, 27 (Bryan's girlfriend) - charged with providing a benefit to a criminal organisation.