Sat | Dec 15, 2018

Psycho killer - Psychiatrist, St Thomas residents paint disturbing picture of convicted murderer

Published:Friday | April 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMLivern Barrett/Senior Gleaner Writer
Sharon Mohammed (left), mother of murder victim Patrice McCool, and Sandra Mohammed, sister of Terry-Ann Mohammed, who was also killed by Michael McLean, exit the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston after the McLean's sentencing.
Michael McLean being escorted from the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston yesterday, after receiving six life sentences for slaughtering six family members.

A prison doctor and residents in two St Thomas communities have painted a very disturbing image of Michael McLean, the deportee and businessman who slaughtered six members of one family, including four children ages three to nine years old.

The doctor, a consultant forensic psychiatrist who examined McLean, stopped short of describing the 50-year-old businessman as a psychopath who posed a risk to those around him.

"It is my opinion, with a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that Mr Michael McLean met the criteria for an Antisocial Personality Disorder (likely psycopathy)," he wrote in a damning psychiatric report. The diagnosis, the doctor noted, was based on interviews and McLean's "psychopathy checklist screening version score" and "indicates an increased risk of future aggressive behaviour and recidivism".

"His interviews and examinations suggest no psychiatric abnormality amenable to pharmacological treatment," the report concluded.


Angry, controlling


The findings in the psychiatry report are in line with what residents in the communities of Duhaney Pen and Red Hills told probation officers about the popular restaurant operator who they described as promiscuous, angry, and controlling.

"Residents opined that Mr McLean's anger level was very intense and recalled an incident where a goat ran into his vehicle and how he became very angry," a probation officer said in her social enquiry report. "Subject [McLean] was not sure which goat it was that ran into his vehicle, and so he held on to some goats in the community and slit their throats one by one," the probation officer continued.

She said residents, who were reluctant to give their names out of fear, described McLean as a dangerous person who used money to attract a number of women.

"Such experiences, the women said, included Mr McLean beating them, dictating their movements each day, being locked in houses or in a barrel, with holes for them to breathe," the probation officer reported.