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We care- Jamaicans respond to plea to motivate YWCA girls

Published:Tuesday | April 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMNadine Wilson-Harris/ Staff Reporter
Denise Jeffries

Several persons have expressed an interest in giving motivational talks to students at the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) following concerns expressed by the institution's principal Denise Jeffries that Jamaicans are generally unwilling to spare a few minutes to talk to the girls.

In a story published in The Sunday Gleaner, Jeffries said many of the girls at the institution were pregnant or were refused entrance by other schools. They feel hopeless because they are from communities and households where they are not being motivated.

"I really find it difficult getting volunteers to come here and actually talk to the girls," said the school's principal. "I have gone out and asked people to assist, even to just come in and give the girls a little pep talk, and some of them say, 'Lawd God, mi can't bother'," she said.

But Jeffries was pleasantly surprised yesterday by the outpouring of pledges from individuals and groups wanting to assist the girls.




"I have somebody who called this morning and she is speaking to a group of girls right now about self-esteem," she reported.

She said she has received calls from various individuals, including the owner of a clothing company, who wants to help train and provide jobs to students at the institution, as well as an official from the Chinese Embassy.

"The students are over the moon," she said.

Several persons also reached out to The Gleaner to express an interest in helping to motivate the girls.

"I hope that as the weeks progress, we will get more contacts," said an optimistic Jeffries.