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Probing Portland | What's right in Portland that we need to continue to keep the peace?

Published:Saturday | May 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Errol Hanna
Paul Young
Sandra Heron
Claudette Samuels
Micheal Anderson
Throyville Haughton
Collin Bell


Marcia Lawrence, resident


"What's right about Portland is the Portlanders themselves, and we just need to continue loving our parish to ensure that our crime rate stays low."


Errol Hanna, businessman


"I'm living in hope."


Colin Bell, businessman


"Portland is a family-driven community, and I just want to implore the people of Portland to continue to live loving."


 Sandra 'Pagey' Heron, resident


"My intervention programme with the youths."


Claudia Samuels, resident


"Unity with both citizens and the police."





Stephanie Sullivan, resident


"We need to continue the partnership with the police."


 Linton Bailey, detective superintendent


"Give us the evidence, give us the intelligence, we'll make the arrest."


 Barbara Smith, resident


"Togetherness with the police and citizens."


 Michael Anderson, president of the Portland Neighbourhood Watch Council


"We need to start engaging the social projects."


 Duane Wellington, superintendent of police


"Message to the people of Portland: The right that we need to continue is partnership. Let me first thank the people of Portland for all they've done up to this point. Stay on board with us. Even if the ship is rocking, stay on board. We can weather the storm and overcome whatever faces Portland."


 Oneil Daley, police corporal


"Love and unity and collaboration with the police."


Throyville Haughton, assistant superintendent of police


"What Portland is getting right is that sense of community, and if we continue keeping that sense of community alive, we will continue to remain safe."