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Football Fever | World Cup choices by the man in the street

Published:Tuesday | June 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM

VOX POP: Who is your pick to win the World Cup and why?

Grapey: I'm not a bandwagonist. I loved Argentina from before even Maradona. Now, Messi is the man and he's hungry for it; so, he's going to do it.

Duppy: There's no other winner but Germany. They have the right mixture of experience and youth.

Rose: Win, lose or draw I've been supporting Brazil with the exception of 1998 when Jamaica was in the tournament. They are going to take it because they looked really impressive in the qualifying rounds and the recent friendlies.

Roshaan Gaynor: Spain is going to win because over the years they've had a lot of creative players. [Andres] Iniesta is going to retire with a World Cup win.

Christine: Germany has the best players so, they're my pick. My son was also born in Munich; so, my whole family is carrying them to win.

Julette: I absolutely love [Lionel] Messi; so, for me, it has to be Argentina.

Atavio Tomlinson: Brazil mi seh, because it is a team that always has a lot of flair. Dem wi carry from day one, plus my baller is Neymar.

Abdo: I'm from Egypt. So, I'm going with Salah and Egypt.

Mrs Ryan Smith: I'm supporting my husband who has always gone with Germany for various reasons. But I also like their bodies.

Kareen: Argentina has good flair, technique and the envy of world football, Messi. So, I can see them winning it.