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Football Fever | Andrew: Germany, Peter: Brazil - Political leaders share the World Cup love

Published:Friday | June 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Gabriel Jesus
Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips


Andrew Holness

- Prime Minister


Germany is my favourite team. They may not play the flashy and colourful football most Jamaicans like; however, they are a reliable, smart, powerful, and hard-working outfit. They will get the job done.


Peter Phillips

- Leader of the Opposition


Brazil is the team that I am rooting for. I think that they have made adjustments after that, I would dare say, humiliating defeat in the last World Cup. The humiliation was not only theirs, but I think of all non-European football. They have changed their coaches, put together a good team, they have a good record, and they start with a manageable group. I think they will get better and show something of the distinctive style for which they have become world renown.


Juliet Cuthbert Flynn

- MP for St Andrew West Rural


Germany. It is one of the most, if not the most disciplined, teams and they have been unbeaten. They played around 10 matches in recent times and have been unbeaten. They were my favourite the last World Cup and they played disciplined football, very good football, very skilled. I think that it will be no different this year. You have a few new faces, but I don't think that it will be any different this year. So that team is my winner.


Olivia Grange

- Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport


My World Cup winner is Brazil. Jamaica traditionally supports Brazil. We like their style of play and Neymar is back and dangerous. Gabriel Jesus, the youngest, is an amazing player at age 21. The team is world-class and ready. Brazilians love Jamaicans. They were so warm to us in Rio. My World Cup winner is Brazil.


Natalie Neita

- Opposition Spokesperson on Sports


Portugal. I love the skill and style of Cristiano Ronaldo.