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'Nothing personal' - Paulwell explains call for sacking of NESOL boss

Published:Saturday | July 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Phillip Paulwell

Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell is adamant that his call for the dismissal of Carolyn Warren, head of the National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL), is not a personal attack on her and could be reviewed if he is satisfied that there was not a breakdown in the system.

Paulwell took to the airwaves yesterday as he sought to justify his demand for the sacking of Warren, who was convicted on drugs charges some 25 years ago.




"I believe that it was right for me to have raised the matter. I believe it reflects a complete breakdown in the system of governance. I want to commend her for the way her life has turned around, and I want to wish her well," said Paulwell.

"I am in no way attacking Mrs Warren. I believe I was right in highlighting the issue. I do not believe the target was Mrs Warren, I believe it is the system, and I do wish her well. I hope this will not cause her unnecessary anguish," added Paulwell.

Late Thursday, Paulwell called on Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in his capacity as minister of energy, to immediately relieve Warren of her duties as managing director of NESOL as she has a record of conviction for narcotic trafficking.

According to Paulwell, the People's National Party had confirmed that Warren was a convicted drug trafficker who had spent some three years in prison for trafficking in cocaine.

Yesterday, Warren admitted that she was convicted 25 years ago, but denied that she spent time in prison as she was handed a suspended sentence.

"Since the suspended sentence, which had set me back in life, I have honestly dedicated myself to turning my life around and working with young people to ensure that they do not make the same mistake I did," said Warren.

She said that she has applied to have her record expunged and did not declare her criminal conviction previously because she is not the same person, and assumed that people would judge her.

"Even if Mr Paulwell and the PNP score what they may feel is a political victory in having my services terminated, I will rebuild my life again.

"I also appeal to all people who have made mistakes in the past not to lose hope but to carry on and attempt to make a positive difference despite any setback which may come," added Warren.