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'We will rise again' - Actg GM says Petrojam's foundation shaken

Published:Wednesday | July 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Telroy Morgan

Despite the scandal battering the state-owned oil refinery with claims of nepotism, cronyism, and corruption, acting general manager of Petrojam Telroy Morgan appealed to Jamaicans yesterday not to give up on the entity as it would rise again.

Morgan seemingly spoke from his heart in response to a question from Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee about staff morale at the company.

"This is a very difficult period for Petrojam and its employees. I am passionate about this because I have been with the company for 22 solid years. They are years that we have built the brand of Petrojam, and it is one that we have been proud of."

"This is not the proudest moment for us right now. The foundation has been shaken, but we have not been toppled, and we are looking to rebuild."

He said that the staff understood the national imperative that the company deliver on a daily basis. "It is with that passion that we will rise again as an entity. We will rise again to ensure that we continue to supply our beloved nation with all the energy that it needs."

Morgan and other senior personnel of the entity appeared before the PAAC, where they provided answers to questions from committee members about a raft of issues that have made headlines and attracted strong criticism from various groups in the society.

Then minister with responsibility for energy Andrew Wheatley has been relieved of the portfolio but remains a member of the Cabinet, overseeing science and technology.

Floyd Grindley, former general manager of Petrojam, has been separated from the entity, and before him, Jamaican members of the board resigned. The board comprises directors nominated by the governments of Jamaica and Venezuela who jointly own the company.

The auditor general, the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, and the Integrity Commission are all conducting investigations into the operations of Petrojam.