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McBean defends decision to shut out Warren at Spectrum agency

Published:Wednesday | July 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell/Senior Staff Reporter

Former managing director of Spectrum Management Limited (SMA) Dr David McBean resisted attempts by chairman of the entity, Trevor Forrest, to belatedly insert Carolyn Warren on a shortlist of persons to be interviewed for the position of manager - administration in 2016.

Warren is now the managing director of National Energy Solutions Limited.

A string of emails between Forrest and McBean detailed exchanges, which started with Forest saying to the managing director: "Please see that this resume is added to your shortlisted candidates for interview and consideration. If there are any questions, let me know."

The post of manager - administration at Spectrum Management was advertised on July 31 and August 19, 2016, and at the end of the latter day, 58 applications had been received. On August 29, five persons were shortlisted, and interviews were scheduled to take place on September 6, 2016.

The Gleaner contacted McBean, who confirmed that there was correspondence between him and Forrest. However, when Forrest was asked to comment on the issue on Tuesday night, he declined, citing confidentiality clauses that he would not breach.

McBean was not willing to provide details of the dialogue but noted that Warren did not send an application to him or the entity. He said that the resume was "passed by someone on the board, asking that she be included on the shortlist. The time had passed, and we indicated that we did not include her on the shortlist because it went against policy and good practice".

In the email correspondence, of which The Gleaner obtained a copy, McBean told Forrest: "I consulted both with internal HR (human resources) and also with the ministry, and, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Ms Warren in this round for the following reasons: The closing date for the post has passed (this was August 19), and the application was not made by the normal route. A shortlist has already been compiled and is going to the second culling. An addition of a candidate at this stage would be highly irregular and would leave SMA open to an HR audit."

McBean indicated then that the entity would keep Warren's resume, and if no suitable candidate was found, or, for any other reason applications for the post were reopened, "then we would be happy to consider her".

But Forrest requested from McBean "published, documented policies and procedures which expressly prevent this request. Until such time as that can be done, the request stands".

"If you still have reservations, I suggest that the appropriate course of action is to temporarily suspend the recruitment process and bring this matter to the board for discussion," Forrest added.

Responding, McBean attached a copy of the SMA's Recruitment, Selection, and Staffing Policy, which was approved by the Board of Directors on November 29, 2012.

Pointing the chairman to specific references in the policy, McBean said: "I believe that the Corporate Governance Framework that speaks to the delineation of the roles and responsibilities of the chairman and board vis-a-vis the role of the executive in day-to-day operations may be pertinent to this discussion."

McBean further pointed out that the issue was not the referral of a candidate for consideration, noting that the referral came 10 days after the process was closed and the shortlisted candidates identified. He concluded his email correspondence with Forrest saying that to insert the referred person into the interview process would bring into question the fairness and transparency of the selection process.

But Forrest replied: "On reading your highlighted sections, however, I still cannot find any language which expressly prevents this request. In my view, it is fair to say that the current policy, as stated, may open itself up to misinterpretation as there is a clear difference of interpretation here."

Forrest then said: "In keeping with the tenets of the Corporate Governance Framework and the roles and responsibilities of the board and chairman, it is clear that a review of this policy is necessary in light of the impasse that has been created."

He then asked the managing director to put "all recruitment processes on hold until this matter has been resolved at the board level".

The Gleaner understands that the matter was eventually referred to the Public Service Commission. At the end of the process, Warren was not included in the shortlisted persons for the interview.



Dear Mr Forrest ... Warren's 2016 letter 

In 2016, Carolyn Warren wrote to the chairman of the Spectrum Management Authority applying for the position of manager, administration.

See her letter below:

Mr. Trevor Forrest
Chairman of the Board
Spectrum Management Authority
Harbour Street, Kingston

Dear Mr. Forrest,

I refer to your advertisement in the Sunday Gleaner of August 07, 2016 for the position of Manager, Administration.

I consider myself a suitable candidate for this position and now formally apply to join the team of the Spectrum Management Authority.

My competencies include:

*Trained in Business Administration, Journalism and production
*Experienced in Receivables and Collection Management
*Trained Journalist
*Experienced in sales and Marketing
*Experienced in Television Production
*Effective Communicator
*Strong Analytical Ability
*Strong writing ability
*Ability to garner and develop long-term Business Relationships
*Strong motivator
*Ability to assess organizational needs and implement strategies

I am available for an interview at your convenience.


Carolyn Warren


Warren's Resume as submitted along with her application


Carolyn waRREN
(Email address deleted)
(Telephone numbers deleted)



March 2002-Present       Nationwide News Network Ltd    6 Bradley Avenue, Kingston
Sales and Receivables Manager

February 1992 – June 2001 Exclusive Commodity Ltd.      96 Constant Spring Road
Managing Director

April 1989-May 1992          Radio Jamaica Limited           32 Lyndhurst Road, Kgn 5

June 1983-March 1988     Jamaica Citizens Bank Ltd.        Kingston, Jamaica

June 1980-February 1983  The Bank Of Nova Scotia Ltd.  Kingston, Jamaica



August 1997-May 2000   Northern Caribbean University    Mandeville, Jamaica
BSc Business Administration (Management)

May 1978-August 1980   Northern Caribbean University    Mandeville, Jamaica
ASc Business Administration

September 1977-May 1978 Browns Town Community College   Browns Town St. Ann

September 1972-June 1977 St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School Browns Town St. Ann
CXC/GCEO’ Levels

Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
More than 20 years’ experience in Sales and Collections
More than 15 years in management
Experience in journalist
Human Resource management and administrative Experience

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