Sun | Jan 17, 2021

PNP puts $5m cap on individual spend for VP race - Candidates sign code of conducts

Published:Friday | July 27, 2018 | 12:00 AMErica Virtue/Senior Gleaner Writer
People’s National Party (PNP) vice-presidential candidates signing the code of conduct yesterday at the party’s Old Hope Road headquarters in St Andrew. Seated from left are Wykeham McNeill, Damion Crawford, Angela Brown-Burke, Fenton Ferguson, Phillip Paulwell, and Mikael Phillips. Looking on, standing (from left) are Horace Dalley, Donna Scott Motley, General Secretary Julian Robinson, and Chairman Fitz Jackson.

The Opposition People's National Party (PNP) has capped the individual spend of candidates seeking a place as one of the four vice-presidents to no more than $5 million for the September 15 contest but was not strong on how it would be policed.

The party also had candidates sign a code of conduct for the internal elections to be held on Saturday, September 15.

At a press conference called to explain conduct and procedures for the upcoming polls, General Secretary Julian Robinson said that the party had put mechanisms in place to ensure that the elections were run in a spirit consistent with fair play and camaraderie and to hold to account behaviour likely to bring the party into disrepute.

Deputy chairman of the party's election monitoring tribunal Donna Scott-Mottley outlined the details of the code of conduct and the spending.

"We have introduced campaign- financing rules. It's like a kind of dry run for what we will have to do in the future, and so we have put a limit on spending. We will be requiring reports after the election is completed," she told the press conference.

Reporting is expected no later than 30 days post the elections.

"We have tried to be realistic in terms of the amount [of] the cap that we have put on spending. ... We sincerely hope that nobody will find it necessary to spend anywhere near that ... ." Scott Mottley said.

Robinson said that he was expecting the candidates to report their true spend as there was no way to police how much was actually spent.

"It's the first time as a party we are implementing this. It is a learning curve, but I expect all the candidates to abide by the rules and report honestly," he said.