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Teen among nine to receive badges of honour

Published:Tuesday | August 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Learning that she will be awarded a badge of honour for gallantry is a belated birthday present for 19-year-old Selana Reid, who assisted with rescuing several wards of the State at the Walker's Place of Safety, which was gutted by fire in January.

Selana, who celebrated her birthday on August 3, will be given the national award on October 15 for her outstanding act of courage and heroism after she alerted other children and ensured the safety of residents at the children's home in a joint effort to rescue those trapped by the fire.

"Actually, I feel good and I thank the Lord," said the teenager, who is currently at another facility.

"I am proud of myself for being strong, brave, and bold," she said.

Grace Allen, who was a caregiver at the children's home, and Kimani Anderson, who lived next door, will also be given badges of honour for gallantry for their acts of courage and heroism. Tragically, 12-year-old Anika McCrea and 16-year-old Annakay Moreland perished in the blaze.

Helped saved 22 infants

Camille McIntosh, Sophia Cameron, and Verlyn Douse will also be given badges of honour for gallantry for the bravery they displayed in helping to save the lives of 22 infants during a fire at the Neonatal Care Unit at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston.

A few staff members received minor injuries during the fire on October 23, 2014, which consumed a section of the neonatal care unit, where newborns suffering from medical complications are kept. The fire was as a result of electrical problems in an air-conditioning unit.

Jevon Lewis, Aristel St Joy, and Lloyd Nelson will also be given the special award for their courageous efforts in rescuing five adults and a baby who were trapped inside the Union Street auto store after heavy rains flooded roads and buildings in St James in November of last year.