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Untold Stories of National Awardees | MacMillan longing for a country with a heart of compassion and love

Published:Tuesday | August 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Robert MacMillan

Although very much appreciative of the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander he will receive on Heroes Day, there is just one wish Robert MacMillan would want to see come true for Jamaica, a country for which he professes his love dearly.

"I think we need to be more compassionate and loving to the needy. We need some compassion in this country. How we treat each other could improve a whole lot. That we get that right would be a good thing for me," MacMillan said right off the bat when The Gleaner spoke to him recently in the wake of the announcement from the Government that he was among those selected to walk the lawns of King's House to be bestowed with one of the country's highest honours.

The strong social conscience he has developed over the years has a firm foundation in his philanthropic and community-service pursuits, which are many.

In fact, he has served as dean of the Consular Corps of Jamaica, and is a committed Rotarian who has served the organisation for 40 years.

That's not to be outdone by his sterling achievement of serving on The Salvation Army's advisory board for more than

30 years, rising to become chairman.




MacMillan is also chairman of Jamaica's oldest advertising agency, the pioneering MacMillan Advertising Limited, founded in 1929 by his late father, Dudley MacMillan.

MacMillan told The Gleaner that he was very proud of his philanthropic work over the years and equally pleased with the contribution he has made to the business of advertising in Jamaica.

According to MacMillan, also a well-known socialite, he has been in that business since

1968 - "and that's a long time."

"I am deeply honoured and I am deeply touched to have received such an award. It is much appreciated," he expressed.

His friends and family who have supported him throughout his many years rallied around him when he was announced as one of those receiving national awards.

They took to social media to congratulate him on what they described as truly deserving thanks from a country he has worked so hard to uplift.