Tue | Jun 25, 2019

Samuda fears violence will disrupt redevelopment plans for Red Hills Road

Published:Tuesday | August 28, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer
Karl Samuda
Residents catching water on Park Lane, off Red Hills Road, St Andrew. The police are maintaining a strong presence in the area following Saturday’s shooting that left two persons dead and four nursing gunshot wounds.

Tension between Park and 100 lanes off Red Hills Road in St Andrew has triggered several deaths in the area within the past two weeks and has left member of parliament for St Andrew North Central, Karl Samuda, fearing a derailment of redevelopment plans set out for Red Hills Road.

"I am trying hard to get everyone to remain calm, be on alert, and protect themselves and their community. Be vigilant. I do not wish to see us get involved again in any serious conflict along Red Hills Road. We are trying very hard to restore Red Hills Road to its former glory, when it was considered the real entertainment centre of the city, the real night spot," Samuda said.

"I extend condolences to the families of the two persons who died [on Saturday]. One of them, in particular, I knew very well; a real and trusted person who had worked closely with us. The others who were shot, I know them. I am hoping and praying that no one will take retaliatory action that will bring about an escalation."

The latest update from the police is that the atmosphere in and around both communities remains tense but the security forces are committed to maintaining order.

Lee Clarke, councillor for the Whitehall division, told The Gleaner that one of the actions that could return Red Hills Road to its former glory is to name the streets inside Park Lane after artistes who grew up in the community.

"There are 11 big-time artistes who were born and raised inside Park Lane. We are waiting for the mayor and the council to fix up the square, like Trench Town, to be music square. We are going to recognise the artistes for their contribution to music and culture, by naming the streets after them. For example, one of the streets will be named Sanchez Boulevard," Clarke said.