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Untold Stories of National Awardees | Eric Hosin says the best insurance must be grounded in faith

Published:Tuesday | August 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Eric Hosin

Insurance executive Eric Hosin epitomises confidence and a steely determination that have served him well in the often unpredictable industry where he has dedicated almost 30 years of his life.

These are traits he obviously prides himself in, but his love and service to his faith as a Christian are closest and dearest to his heart.

"I think my Christian faith is what drives me. I believe in what the scriptures tells me in Micah 6 verse 8: 'I should do justly. Do what is right. Be merciful, love mercy, and walk humbly'."

Hosin said that being a Christian is the most gratifying part of his existence and that observing the Word of God, by trying to live by it, gives him the determination necessary to be willing to help and be a good example to others.

"It is my faith in God that directs me and which pushes me to higher levels of success," said Hosin, who is also a deacon and board member of the Church of the Open Bible, Washington Boulevard, St Andrew.

Hosin is no stranger to the inner-city life, having had his roots in the tough streets and lanes of lower Maxfield Avenue, St Andrew.




On National Heroes Day, Hosin will be conferred with the Order of Distinction, Commander class (CD), in recognition of his contribution to the insurance industry.

He told The Gleaner that the relentless desire to achieve and be a success, as well as to make a contribution to Jamaica, is what keeps him going.

"It is that contribution I want to make in terms of what I can do that has driven me in being involved in so many industries. And this award is more than I dream of. But it's not even about me. It's about the many people who have enriched my life - my family, Guardian Life and the Church," said the devout Christian.

Hosin is the immediate past president of the Insurance Association of Jamaica and is also serving a second term as president of the Insurance Association of the Caribbean. He is the first Jamaican to serve two terms at the helm of the regional body.

The insurance executive also has a strong passion for orchids and has managed to win a number of awards for his most prized possessions.

When quizzed about the greater love for either the insurance business or that of his award-winning flora, he said insurance would win hands down, because of what it means to other people.

"I try to love everything I do, but I really do love the industry that I am in because it touches the lives of people positively. I love my family dearly also, but above all this is the love I have for the Lord," he said.

In response to his vision for Jamaica, he said: "It goes without saying. My vision for Jamaica is that as a people, we once again find a way to bring out the love we have for each other, serve God in fullness, and through that Jamaica will emerge as a prosperous, peaceful and disciplined society."