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Igloo murder mystery - Cops still unable to identify woman whose throat was slashed

Published:Wednesday | August 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer


Up to press time, the Manchester police were yet to identify the woman whose body was left in an igloo in a car, with her throat slashed, near the Marshall's Pen area in the parish.

According to the police, at approximately 1:25 a.m. yesterday, a police team was on patrol when they saw a grey Toyota Starlet motor car parked along the roadway with the front doors opened.

On inspection, they found an igloo on the back seat with the body of a woman, wrapped in a sheet, with what appeared to be a slashed throat.

"We have been on the road for hours and we have still not been able to identify the body. There were no documents, bags or any such item found that would help us in identifying this woman," said one member of the investigating team.

The body is said to be of brown complexion, possibly aged in late 20s, medium build, about five feet, six inches tall with natural hair.




This horrific find has left some residents in the area baffled and scared.

"I have never heard of any such find in Jamaica, much less in Mandeville. I can't believe this how them put this woman in an igloo? Why are people so heartless? It's almost like the criminals are getting off on how bizarre they commit their crimes. I wouldn't be expecting to hear these things happening here. I only hear about these things in the US," said one woman.

Another resident, who refused to speak directly to media, echoed pleas for God to deliver the nation.

"Every day is something more gruesome. This is the last days. I don't know what we going to do. Is like not even the police can help us or can help themselves. Is like this bigger than them. Satan loose pon di island. Help us, Jesus!" she cried.

The police are seeking anyone who can assist in identifying the woman or who has information that can help in their investigations to contact the Mandeville CIB at (876) 962-2832, police 119 emergency number, or the nearest police station.