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Man accused of killing woman and 10-y-o was 'depressed and broke', resident says

Published:Thursday | August 30, 2018 | 12:59 AMCarl Gilchrist

Senior Superintendent of Police for St Ann, Michael Smith, said the police are expecting to capture the man suspected of chopping his former girlfriend and her son to death in Linton Park, St Ann, on Tuesday night.

The suspect, 41-year-old Orville Scarlett, otherwise called 'Bull' of Watt Town, St Ann, is fingered in the gruesome murder of Alicia Francis, 32, and her son, Jahmani Jackson, 10, who were attacked and chopped multiple times as they were on their way home sometime after 9 p.m.

Francis’ other son, a 12-year-old, was injured in the attack and has been admitted to hospital in serious condition, while her six-year-old daughter was left unharmed.

“We have carried out several searches to try and identify the location where he might be hiding. We’re working assiduously, using all our resources and following several leads and we expect to apprehend him in the next few hours,” Smith said last night.

Smith is also appealing to irate residents, who have been searching for the suspect, not to take the law into their own hands if they apprehend him.

“We urge residents, if they locate him, to turn him over to the police so he can be brought to justice in the courts. I am against any form of jungle justice,” he stated.

But while some residents are angry about the brutal killing of Francis and her son, there are some who, while not condoning the act, believe that Francis brought it on herself.

One resident in a community near to Watt Town and Linton Park who has been friends with both Scarlett and Francis is telling a story of emotional stress on the suspect. 

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said Francis was in a relationship with another man for whom she had her three children. But that relationship soured.

However, the source is alleging that it was only after Scarlett met in an accident and was awarded some insurance money that the two became involved. She later moved in with him at a house in Watt Town. They later separated.

It is further alleged that after they separated, Francis was charged after being accused of withdrawing money from Scarlett’s account. She was found guilty in 2016 and sentenced to one year at Fort Augusta prison. She returned to the community after serving time.

Scarlett, in the meantime, became depressed and was broke.

“I saw him Monday, he seemed so depressed, drinking rum and Campari and smoking and telling everyone that he has sold his cow, his pigs and his bike and that he sometimes has to go hungry. Ah depress him depress. It’s just sad,” the resident told The Gleaner.

“People in the communities have mixed reactions. Some are giving him hell, others giving the girl hell. People like me who know wha really gwaan, mi nah give him no hell. Him shouldn’t kill har, but she would neva deh wid Bull if him never get the insurance money. She ah good looking browning, Bull ah one ugly black man. Wha him do is wrong but mi feel seh a depression cause it.”