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Sevaun’s diary

Published:Friday | September 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM

In June, 11-year-old Sevaun McKenzie was selected for the 2018 Gleaner Editors' scholarship after he scored a 91 per cent average and being placed at to Kingston College (KC), the school of his first choice.

Sevaun has now started classes, and as part of efforts to help students make the transition from the primary level to the secondary level, The Gleaner will be sharing his trek through the first week at KC in his own words.


Friday, September 7 - Day 3


Friday was a busy day, and it started with a rush to get to school because I did not have my usual ride. I had to leave my house by 5:55 a.m., which was a lot earlier than when I was going to primary school.

At school, we did several new and different things, including Spanish, which was fun learning; visual arts; English language; and religious education. Some of the things we did in visual arts were different from what we did at primary school, but the more the teacher explained it, the easier it became.

(Last) Friday was my best day at KC so far.