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SSP Allen: Easier commute for motorists going forward

Published:Saturday | September 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMPaul Clarke/Gleaner Writer

The traffic gridlock that dominated the first two days after motorists were forced to use alternative routes around the construction of roadways in the Corporate Area will not be a factor in the coming weeks, says the senior superintendent in charge of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, Calvin Allen.

Qualifying his statement, he said that if discipline and patience are employed, and if drivers use the two main routes channelling traffic into the city (Washington Boulevard and Marcus Garvey Drive) then he sees little case for chaos of the type that marked the early days into the exercise.

"Once drivers show a little patience and order while behind the wheel and use the designated paths as stated by the National Works Agency, the travelling public will not have it as rough going forward," said Allen.

"We need to contextualise the [so-called] serious challenges of the past week because while there was that challenge along the Spanish Town Road area that comes into the Portia Simpson Miller Square, no such problem existed on the Portmore toll corridor that comes on to Marcus Garvey Drive and goes downtown, " he said.

According to Allen, that area has worked beautifully from minute one, and continues to work very well.

"I just want to say that the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch remains committed in getting out our people to work in a reasonable time. We are committed to getting our children to school, and we continue to urge you to use our tipline as the information we get is acted on right away," Allen told The Gleaner.