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Corporate Area SOE realises early success - Police hope residents remain cooperative

Published:Monday | September 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer

The state of emergency (SOE) in sections of the Corporate Area, which was declared yesterday morning by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has already turned out results as the security forces have removed three firearms from the possession of criminals.

Speaking with The Gleaner yesterday, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dahlia Garrick, who is in charge of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) Corporate Communications Unit, indicated that the operations have been progressing smoothly and noted that persons had been detained.

"We have had some success because we seized three firearms in joint operations. We seized two 9mm semi-automatic pistols and an old .22 rifle. A number of persons were also picked up in that operation and are now being processed. It has been incident free. The points are being manned, and the residents have been cooperative, and the professionalism and respect for human rights have been at the forefront of the operations. Things have been running smoothly, and we intend to keep it that way. Policing is very demanding, but we are committed to give it our best to ensure that all aspects of policing are carried out," Garrick said.

The actual borders of the SOE are as follows: 

From the North - The start point is the intersection of Oakland Road and Spanish Town Road, which extends north-easterly along Oakland road; south-easterly along Waltham Park Road; north-easterly along Delacree Road to the intersection of Delacree Road and Maxfield Avenue; southerly along Maxfield Avenue; easterly along Rousseau Road; southerly along Lyndhurst Road; on to Studio One Boulevard. The end point is the intersection of Studio One Boulevard and Slipe Road.

In the East - The start point is the intersection of Studio One Boulevard and Slipe Road, which extends southerly along Slipe Road; on to orange Street; westerly along Harbour Street; southerly on Pechon Street; and southerly on Ocean Boulevard to the shoreline in the vicinity of the Kingston Craft Market.

In the South - The start point is the corner of Ocean Boulevard south of the Kingston Craft Market and extends north-westerly along the shoreline to the south-western corner of the Petrojam compound.

In the West - Starting point is the south-western corner of the Petrojam compound. Boundary extends north-easterly along the western end of the Petrojam compound to a point of intersection with Marcus Garvey Drive and Fourth Street; on to Third Avenue; on to Sixth Street; north-easterly along a short segment of track on to MOU's Trail to its intersection with Spanish Town Road to the start point at Oakland Road.