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Motorists, don't worry

Published:Monday | September 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Members of the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Constabulary Force carry out a spot check on Greenwich Road in Kingston yesterday.
A pedestrian walks by a member of the security forces on Greenwich Road in Kingston yesterday.

The leadership of the security forces has sought to allay fears that motorists in the Corporate Area, already dealing with traffic snarls because of three sets of major roadwork, could face further delays today with check points erected in communities now under a state of emergency.

From Studio One Boulevard in the east to the waterfront in the west and Oakland Road in the north to Ocean Boulevard in the south, the security forces will be erecting check points as part of the measures instituted under the state of emergency declared in sections of the Corporate Area yesterday.

This area under the state of emergency includes heavily trafficked motorways such as Marcus Garvey Drive, Waltham Park Road, Maxfield Avenue, Spanish Town Road, and Slipe Road.

But head of the Jamaica Defence Force, Major General Rocky Meade, said that provisions have been put in place to allow normal traffic to flow.

"We are asking persons not to slow down unless directed to do so. We ask that persons put their windows down ... and put the lights on, particularly in the dark," said Meade, as he pointed to measures that could speed up the processing at check points.

Meade added: "We are establishing, as far as is feasible, the check points in areas where the vehicles to be checked can be pulled entirely off the road and not block any of the lanes. It is our aim to ensure that traffic flows effectively while maintaining the best security that we can."

The chief of defence staff was supported by Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, who told a media briefing at Jamaica House yesterday that a few things would be done differently in the latest state of emergency, and the security forces would be monitoring and responding to any challenges.