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Mona Heights Primary gives website an 'A' ... But some students have concerns

Published:Tuesday | October 23, 2018 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin/Gleaner Writer
Inderia Cherrington, grade five student at Mona Heights Primary School in Papine, St Andrew.
Sherone Christian, grade five teacher at Mona Heights Primary School in Papine, St Andrew.
Christina Kerr, grade-six student at Mona Heights Primary School
Kavel Williams, grade-four teacher at Mona Heights Primary School

Teachers and students at Mona Heights Primary School in St Andrew gave the education ministry an 'A' for the implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) website,, but had some suggestions for the policymakers, which they think will enhance the site's output.

Speaking with The Gleaner as she analysed the features of the website yesterday, grade six student Christina Kerr said that she is looking forward to engaging with the platform more regularly in the future.

"I've done the maths sample test and I enjoyed doing it. I like how it prepares me for the exam. I want to try doing the other subjects," she said.


Improvement Needed


Grade five student Inderia Cherrington expressed similar sentiments, but indicated that there could be some improvement with how the information is presented.

"I like that it helps you with the subjects that you will be doing in PEP, and I also like that it gives information about the tests that you will be getting, but one dislike I have is the [composition] of the information," Cherrington told The Gleaner.

For grade four teacher Kavel Williams, she applauded the education ministry for creating such a platform, but noted that more interactive videos are needed.

"Well, I haven't been an active user, but I will make more effort to utilise the site. I must commend the ministry for the effort that they have put in place to create this website. I find the site to be child friendly. I think more information can be added, but I think it is work in progress so I am looking forward to the upgraded version," she said.

"I went through it with my son last night (Monday) because I wanted him to give some feedback, as he is a grade six student. He said that he likes it but he thinks more information can be added. He said that when he clicked the grade six icon for the sample test aspect, there wasn't much. For the ability test, I think, there were only two items."


Interactive Videos


Williams added: "He said, too, that he would appreciate interactive videos and features so that when the children do the tests, they can get direct feedback. I, too, believe that it would be beneficial to the students. He also mentioned that he'd like some videos to explain the concepts."

Grade-five teacher Sherone Christian also noted that she was impressed with the number of activities for the various grades, but indicated one problem.

"What I don't like is that the students' section for grade five, there is nothing there. So grade four has their lovely activities and mock papers, grade six has theirs, but there is nothing for grade five."