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PEP website scores big at Greater Portmore Primary School

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Erika Forbes Blair, grade-six coordinator at the Greater Portmore Primary School in St Catherine
Nikesa McBean-Bailey, grade-six teacher at Greater Portmore Primary School in St Catherine
Aswani Harris, grade-six student and prefect at Greater Portmore Primary School in St Catherine

Erika Forbes Blair, grade six coordinator at Greater Portmore Primary School in St Catherine, believes the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) website will be a useful tool in lessening the anxiety and stress that come with exams, creating a platform for fun while learning.

Giving an assessment of the website (, which the education ministry launched earlier this month, Forbes Blair told The Gleaner that students will be more excited to learn.

"I like it (website), I think it is very user friendly. We went into this thing (PEP) blind, and the minister (Ruel Reid) has prepared the site and it's working well. I'm able to go in and get examples to help my students and it is working OK," she said.

"In fact, for next year's students and parents, I have something to sell them. So as soon as they come in grade six next year, I'll encourage them to log on. They can go on and download questions and log on and help their children at home."

Forbes Blair also said she was most impressed with the fact that PEP parents are involved and using the website at home.

"Some of the parents are going on at home. They call me whenever they need to understand something (on the website). They want to know how to explain the concepts to their children and they want to know what is expected on the exam," she said.




Nikesa McBean-Bailey, grade six teacher, also indicated that the PEP website is an excellent move by the education ministry but recommended that more materials be provided to cover the performance task com-ponent of the exam.

"Well, I have been on it about three times. In fact, I have taken a few questions and placed them on my monthly tests. Those who are not familiar with the website, they have been getting the information from my test. It's quite easy to use; just click and read," she said.

"I think there could be more performance test examples. We do get a lot of the curriculum-based aspect, but not a lot of the performance part of it. So I would love more of those because that's the problem area to me."

Grade six student and prefect, Aswani Harris, said she was impressed with the website.

"I don't see any problems with it. I think it is very helpful and interactive in preparing us for the examination. When you go on it, you see the curriculum and everything is there. I've used it once so far. My mother and I went on it. She copied the papers and showed me the curriculum-based test, and it has been very helpful," said Aswani.