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Death stalks Humes family

Published:Thursday | November 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMHopeton Bucknor/Gleaner Writer
The houses where the four people were killed in Little London, Westmoreland, early Thursday morning.

Western Bureau:

While police investigators in Westmoreland are yet to determine the motive for the gangland-style killing of four persons in Masemure Meadows, Little London, yesterday, one family member sees the killings as part of a recent string of similar tragedies plaguing her siblings.

Zetta Humes, who lost two brothers - Howard Humes and Paulton Humes - and her nephew, Shavane Humes, said that she had previously lost two brothers and one sister to the gun.

"It is 13 of us, brothers and sisters, and a five dem kill now. Four brothers and one sister," said Humes, who is the oldest of her siblings.

"Two were killed in this very same community. My brother, Devon Humes, was shot and killed in January, and my sister, Tracey Ann Humes, was shot and killed in 2016."

While claiming that she was unaware of any possible motive why her family was being targeted, Humes said that the many killings were taking a toll on the family.

"Only God knows why we are being targeted," said Humes when quizzed about a possible motive. "As far as I know, my family has not done anybody anything."




"My two brothers are good hard-working men, and my nephew is just a fun guy, who eats a lot of food and gives jokes," said Humes.

According to Humes, having buried a brother and a sister in the past two years, the latest killings were devastating.

"My brother just came home from farm work in Canada, and it brought so much joy to the family, and now we are mourning again because two more brothers, including him, are now dead," said Humes. "I don't know what we have done to deserve this."

Commenting on the death of Keneisha Wilson, who she embraced as a sister-in-law, Humes said that she was a lovely girl, who was hard working and very ambitious.

"We call her Miss Hotty-Hotty because she loves to dress up. She was very friendly but not talkative," said Humes. "Her death hurts me just as much as that of my brothers."