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JET's 12 days of Nuh Dutty Up Christmas

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju/ Gleaner Writer
The Chico bag is quite small when folded and opens up into a practical, re-useable shopping bag.

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has released its 12 tips for a cleaner Jamaica ahead of today's launch of its 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Christmas - Bring a Bag a Bottle' campaign at Mall Plaza, Constant Spring Road.

Persons can get a reusable Chico shopping bag in exchange for 30 plastic bottles, while stocks last. In addition, the Chico bags will also be on sale for $1,000, with proceeds going to the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign.

Come January 1, the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags, referred as 'scandals', will take effect, hence the effort by JET to promote public awareness, with the aim of helping to influence behaviour change.

Here is JET's list for a cleaner Christmas:

1 Avoid serving food in single-use containers at Christmas parties. Switch to reusable plates, cups, and cutlery.

2 Give the gift of a garbage bin to your community. Properly dispose of your garbage by putting it in a bag and placing the bag in the bin.

3 Christmas trees generate a lot of garbage after the season is over and do not compost easily. Consider decorating another type of potted plant or plant in your garden as a Christmas tree instead. If you must have a traditional tree, get an artificial one you can use year after year - non-PVC type plastic trees are the less toxic option.

4 Take reusable bags when you go Christmas shopping.

5 Reuse wrapping paper or use recycled paper for gifts. Better yet, skip wrapping paper and use gift bags instead - these can be reused over and over again!

6 Eat at home before you head out to go shopping. This will help reduce the waste you create while eating on the go.

7 Making lots of pastry and cakes for Christmas? Use your eggshells, coconut trash and potato peels to start a compost heap!

8 Don't use snail mail: Send e-cards for Christmas greetings instead!

9 Get creative: Make your own Christmas decorations using things found in nature or reuse materials that may otherwise be heading for the garbage bin.

10 Give thoughtful, personal and unique gifts that don't generate much waste, for example:

- Something you cooked or baked.

- Plants.

- A donation to a local charity.

- Local, hand-made products.

- Products sold in reusable containers (visit for more ideas).

11 Prepare home-made drinks like sorrel, eggnog and chocolate tea to reduce waste produced from prepackaged beverages in bottles and cans.

12 Recycle and Reuse! Households create a lot of additional waste during the holiday season. Reuse packaging and recycle plastic containers! (visit for a list of recycling depots).