Sun | Jan 26, 2020

Cabinet in budget talks

Published:Tuesday | January 22, 2019 | 12:13 AM

The Holness administration will today begin its second round of deliberations on the upcoming Budget.

Yesterday, the Cabinet went into a three-day retreat to discuss the 2019-20 Budget. This follows three days of consultations last week on the country’s performance over the past year.

During last week’s sessions, Cabinet ministers focused on issues of national interest.

Key government agencies and departments, such as the National Water Commission, the National Works Agency, and the Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment Programme, made presentations to Cabinet.

Ministers also made presentations on the operations of their ministries and provided details on matters that required immediate action from the Government.

Additionally, reports were given on the direction of the various ministries. Cabinet members also identified areas that require greater collaboration to maximise performance and service delivery.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Cabinet will continue to review the country’s economic performance over the past year and finalise the economic priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.